Listen To Skrillex's 'Dirty Vibe' Featuring K-Pop Royalty G-Dragon And CL

Listen to Skrillex's "Dirty Vibe" featuring G-Dragon and CL.

Not yet on that dirty vibe? You will be.

If we hadn't already hit our Skrillex surprise quota (SSQ) upon learning that the dubstep pioneer had surprise-released his debut full-length album, then we'd be reeling over the fact that he managed to rope in not one, but TWO of our favorite K-Pop stars, G-Dragon of Big Bang and CL of 2NE1, to feature on "Dirty Vibe."

However, since our SSQ is absolutely filled beyond capacity, all we can say is: "Oh, that's nice. Well, Mabel, would you look at that -- pigs are flying."

But #DroppingTheAct, this Recess track is a total standout, with its frenetic production whipping you into submission for nearly two full minutes before you get a breather. Just then, the "Come Back Home" rapper makes her presence known ("Hold up/ You in the presence of a queen" #slay), snatching that inhale right out of your lungs in the process.

Soon, G-Dragon cuts in with a clever Jay Z reference ("I don't pop molly/ I rock microphones") and continues to trade verses back and forth with the baddest female until we are all, 100 percent on that dirty vibe. #NoTurningBack

+ Listen to Skrillex's "Dirty Vibe" featuring G-Dragon and CL.

Photo credit: Ysa Perez, YG Entertainment