#TBT: Watch Zedd And Foxes SLAY The 2013 Woodies With 'Clarity'

Watch Zedd perform "Clarity" featuring Foxes at the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards.

What, #TBTs can be only a year old, u guise.

At the risk of breaking our 17-day streak of not spontaneously bursting into song with "IF OOOOUR LOOOOOOOVE" in public, let's all take a Throwback Thursday second to look back at Zedd's killer "Clarity" performance at the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards, hmmmm?

This EDM #TBT from the "Find You" DJ (which features the soaring vocals of rising favesie Foxes) is really taking us back to that overwhelming live show. The flashing lights, the pulsing crowd, the bursting fog machines, the sore-ass feet the following morning -- all we're trying to say is TAKE US BACK.

We can't wait to see how this year's Woodies performers like Iggy Azalea, Childish Gambino, The 1975, and Sam Smith are gonna top this beast. But first, we absolutely MUST lend our flawless, pitch-perfect vocals to "Clarity" on the nearest public street corner. Ahem... 'CAUSE YOU AAAARE THE PIECE OF MEEEEEEE.

+ Watch Zedd perform "Clarity" featuring Foxes live at the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards, and catch the 2014 mtvU Woodie Awards on Mar. 16 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT!

Photo credit: Scott Gries