10 GIFs From Austin Mahone’s New Video That Make Us Say ‘MMM Yeah’

Let there be light, and may it shine upon the awestruck, innocent faces of Mahomies worldwide! After teasing (and teasing, and teasing) his “MMM Yeah” video with Pitbull, Austin Mahone has finally dropped the Gil Green-directed clip.

Although the futuristic, windowless white room filled with flashing lights and modern furniture might seem kinda sparse at first (not to mention a little “Bye Bye Bye“-meets-“Come On Over,” amirite?), trust that there’s a surprise in store.

(SPOILER ALERT: The floor moves. MOAR SPOILER ALERTS: Austin slips and slides his way across it and also looks rull, rull handsome.)

With its quick-cut editing and, um, super-cute star, Austin’s video is basically one big excuse to yell “MMM YEAHHHHH” at the top of your lungs over and over and over again. (If someone asks what’s wrong, tell ’em: “I’M BUSY, GAWD.”) Don’t believe us? Just try to contain yourself while scrolling through these GIFs.

+ Watch Austin Mahone’s “MMM Yeah” video.

Photo credit: Cash Money / GIFs: MTV

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