Lady Gaga And Her White Dreadlocks Are Having The Time Of Their Lives At SXSW

Things Gaga lives for: applause, music festivals, wigs-on-wigs-on-wigs…

Whoa, it looks like Lady Gaga is literally having the greatest time ever at the SXSW Music festival, according to this photo posted to on Wednesday night.

“Stopped by Coldplay, K Pop, and a Death Metal affair,” Gaga captioned. “As a music lover former festival junkie, I’m having the time of my life. It’s all about bringing people together to share talents. This is an ARTPOP Mecca.”

Huh, that’s funny. When we hear the words “ARTPOP Mecca,” we naturally picture a pink-bricked princess castle floating on a cloud of neon-dyed hair, inside which the “Do What U Want” singer and a gaggle elegantly tailored Gaga-Geese debate whether we are the Koons or the Koons is actually we. What? #SorryNotSorry for our overactive imagination.

Anyway, make sure you grab a couple Zs before your debut SXSW performance tonight at the Stubb’s Doritos #BoldStage, Gaga. (Not to mention that keynote address you’ve gotta give on Friday!!!!) Oh, and #protip: If a digital prophet tries to lure you onto his wrecking ball… RUN.

Photo credit: Lady Gaga via / GIF: PandaWhale