Human Digestion According To Shakira’s Activia Commercial — In GIFs!

BRB, praying that this is what our insides look like.

In a effort to expand her global “Empire” of world domination and all-around slayage, Shakira is appearing in a new Activia commerical. Why the digestive health-oriented dairy treat? Well, it’s not like the “Can’t Remember To Forget You” singer wants her fans to remember to forget to be regular!

Set to the tune of “Dare (La La La)” (which, Idolator points out, was nearly the lead single off of Shakira’s forthcoming, self-titled album), the clip also acts as a nice refresher course on human anatomy and the digestive system. Here, let’s all take a quick, GIF-filled study break and brush up on our biology. #KnowledgeIsPower

First, the food enters the digestive system through the mouth and into the esophagus.

Then, the food descends into the stomach, which, as you can see, resembles a tropical forest.

The stomach’s digestive enzymes are awakened…

…No matter how “abused like a coffee machine at an office” they might feel.

And then… Ummmm…


+ Watch this behind-the-scenes look at Shakira’s Activia commercial.
Photo credit: Activia via YouTube / GIFs: MTV, Jules Just Write

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