Beyonce Takes Blue Ivy To The Dublin Zoo, Possibly To Go Giraffe-Shopping


Beyoncé and Blue Ivy pay a ***flawless visit to the Dublin Zoo.

Isn't crazy to think that we "normals" might actually have something in common with Beyoncé?! Take, for example, this Instagram photo of Bey and daughter Blue Ivy visiting the zoo to chill with some giraffes. I mean, we love zoos and giraffes, too! Call us, 'cause we CLEARLY have so much in common.

In Ireland for "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour," the Knowles-Carters did more than just celebrate St. Patrick's Day a little early. They also paid a visit to the Dublin Zoo, which, from what we understand, does not include a leprechaun exhibit. #pout

As much as we're all about pretending we have something in common with one of the most famous women on the planet, we've gotta face facts: Knowing the extravagant birthday party the "Partition" singer threw for her daughter, Bey's probably taking Blue Ivy giraffe-shopping.

Meanwhile, all we ever got after our childhood zoo visits were a bunch of lousy pressed pennies from the reptile den. #Sigh, another day, another reason that we wish we were this toddler.

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Instagram