Austin Mahone Blesses Us With An ‘MMM Yeah’ Teaser Video And A Shirtless Seflie

Looks like Pitbull and Austin had a ball filming “MMM Yeah.”

Well, well, well. This is, like, our 900th “MMM Yeah” teaser from Austin Mahone and his featured collaborator, Pitbull, and frankly? We’ve had ENOUGH with the teasing! OK, that’s a lie. We are always here for Austin-teasing. Speaking of which…

BRB, hearing angels serenade us from the heavens.

The “U” crooner blessed his Mahomies with another shirtless selfie on Instagram yesterday. Wait, where were we? Oh, right! The “MMM Yeah” behind-the-scenes clip. #EasilyDistracted #ByBeautifulThings

Austin has reunited with his “Banga Banga” director, Gil Green, who promises we’ll see our guy in a new light. Based on the photo from the set we saw recently, this “new light” translates roughly to 50 percent more leather daddy and 200 percent more hotness.

And per yooj, Austin slays his moves like a bawse amidst moving set pieces and flashing¬†cluuurb lights, which are giving us total Jamiroquai circa “Virtual Insanity” nostalgia, BTW.

But, perhaps our favorite moment in the clip is when Mr. Worldwide puts Austin in a chokehold, and Austin retaliates by polishing Pitbull’s bald head with his sleeve.¬†(Don’t worry, they laugh it off. Brahs before has, right guys?)

+ Watch Austin Mahone’s “MMM Yeah” behind-the-scenes video.

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