BANKS Absolutely Shatters Some Dude's Thin Veneer Of Cool In Her Haunting New 'Brain' Video

Watch BANKS' new video for "Brain."

BANKS can see you struggling in her brand-new video.

Our faves are really killing it with the sparsely populated, black and white videos lately, huh? (See Angel Haze's "A Tribe Called Red" or Nicki Minaj's "Lookin' Ass.") Joining their ranks today is BANKS, whose hauntingly powerful video for "Brain" is an eerie, unsettling gem to behold.

As the Los Angeles-based, alt-R&B singer dismissively croons, "I can see you struggling/ Boy, don't hurt your brain," a montage of stark, BANKS-focused visuals flash by: the singer covered in a transparent cloth à la Beyoncé's "Haunted," peeking vulnerably over her shoulder, and standing tall in a power stance.

These shots seem to play up a contrast of weakness vs. strength, a juxtaposition that's only amplified when BANKS raises her voice an octave, howling the latter half of the song as the color red begins flashing onscreen.

That "Trying to look smart, but not too smart/ To threaten everything they say" line seems to be key, as in, BANKS seems pretty DGAF about threatening anybody -- including us. Needless to say, we are fully here for this clip, and will do anything BANKS tells us to. (Wait, did she just "neg" us, Mystery-style? Eh, we're cool with that.)

+ Watch BANKS' "Brain" video.

Photo credit: Harvest Records