Nicki Minaj Falls Over Taking Bikini Photos In Cabo, Remains Flawless

Nicki Minaj reminds us why we should keep up on our yoga — for the flawless beach-body poses!

So, uh, did we miss the memo that March would be the month of naked-ish Nicki Minaj moments or something? Just last week, we had an up-close and personal, photographic documentation of her shower regimen, and now she’s giving us teenie-weenie bikini glamour on vacation in Cabo, Mexico. WHAT’S NEXT?!

(Please note: We’re not complaining about getting three more weeks of nearly nude Nicki. We just would have preferred a heads-up so that we could properly pencil the celebration into our calendar.)

Aw, it’s our fave spring-breaker this side of Selena Gomez!

Ugh, we can’t stop/won’t stop marveling over the “Lookin’ Ass” rapper’s sexy swimwear moment. But, wait! It looks like Nicki had a bit of a posing mishap, taking a tumble while trying to work her angles.

Beez in the GASP!

Listen, no one said serving H2T was easy. Good thing Nicki was able to avoid a wipeout by nailing a Warrior Pose at the last second. (That’s right, we’ve been to three yoga classes. #what)

Her photos are also a friendly reminder that we are dangerously close to swimsuit season and should probably think about paying a visit to the gym. We’ll get on that… Riiiiight after we finish this bag of Oreos.

Photo credit: Nicki Minaj’s Instagram

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