Is Britney Spears' Texas Longhorn Shirt A Reminder That She's Not Here To Be Messed With?

Britney Spears wears a Texas Longhorns t-shirt in Malibu.You mess with the Brit, you're gonna get the Spearitual horns.

Maybe it's all the star power in Austin this week (see Justin Bieber's surprise SXSW show), but we've got Texas on the brain, y'all. That's why we immediately did a "Stronger"-style chair-swivel-and-snap when we came across this photo of Britney Spears shopping in Malibu, mixing up the traditional Holy Spearit trinity of Uggs, Starbucks bev, and cutoffs with a Tex-YAAAS-style longhorn shirt. m/, Brit!!!!

(BRB, icing our shins after that spontaneous chair choreo. It... did not go well.)

It's not like the "Work Bitch" singer needs to remind everyone she's the sh**. After all, Britney is one-half of the Oscars' cutest couple, and even fellow pop divas like Miley Cyrus can't help but stan for the "Piece Of Me" Vegas performer. But still, it's a nice, subtle memo to the paparazzi that she is not here to be messed with. Line-dance on over to the left, hay-tahz.

Of course, this could be a sign that Britney's goin' country on Album No. 9. Or, maybe she's just a big "Dallas" fan? Whatever, Brit, we'll be standing by, looking for clues on your next t-shirt (and popping Advil 'cause our knee is SERIOUSLY THROBBING).

Photo credit: WENN