Angel Haze Demands Your Full Potential In The 'A Tribe Called Red' Video

Watch Angel Haze's "A Tribe Called Red" video.

The Detroit-by-way-of-Brooklyn rapper's back with another sharply worded message.

Another day, another empowering anthem from one of our favorite female emcees. In the new video for "A Tribe Called Red," Angel Haze delivers a similar, "you can do it"-style message as Iggy Azalea in "Impossible Is Nothing." Only difference? Angel's not here to hold your hand.

Think of it in terms of uncles teaching you how to swim. Iggy's gonna go out, buy the water wings with your favorite cartoon character on 'em, and, when she thinks you've got it, tell you to swim to her on the other side. Meanwhile, Angel's straight-up dropping you into the deep end because it builds character sometimes, a little no-nonsense, tough love's all you need.

The Dirty Gold track's accompanying, Rollo Jackson-directed clip is similarly no-frills, unless you count the designer labels. (Check out MTV Style's look-by-look breakdown because #IDKFashun.) The otherwise super-minimal, black and white video is a collaboration with i-D, after all (the British fashion and music mag's second-ever after M.I.A.'s "Y.A.L.A.").

Still, the wardrobe choices never overpower the "Battle Cry" rapper, whose electrifying stage presence, piercing lyrical skills, and rapid-fire flow stand front-and-center throughout. "You gotta make a decision to be the one difference in your life, and turn it around/ Turn it around, turn it around/ Even when you feel you dumbing it down."

Hard to argue with that message. But hey, if you think you can withstand a lyrical evisceration courtesy of Slayngel Slayze, be our guest.

+ Watch Angel Haze's "A Tribe Called Red" video, and check out MTV Style's look-by-look breakdown.

Photo credit: Universal Island