Ciara Asks If We’ve Ever Seen A Pregnant Woman Moonwalk, Flawlessly Answers Her Own Question

Watch Ciara’s feet (and bump) defy the laws of maternity physics as we know them!

We’ve always imagined that being a pregnant celebrity is like starring in a commercial for fancy cat food: You lay around on fluffy pillows, get food served to you in crystal dishes, and side-eye anyone who doesn’t cater to your every whim. Leave it to a very pregnant Ciara to ruin our fantasy — slash, make it a hundred-million times better.

The “Overdose” singer posted an Instagram video, in which she asks: “Hey, guys, have you ever seen a pregnant woman moonwalk before?” Then, before we can answer (“LOL WUT? NOPE.”), CiCi demonstrates what a flawless maternal goddess she really is by going full-on Michael Jackson in front of a floral display.

We’ve gotta give it up for the future Mrs. Future’s clip, which she captioned: “1 Big Belly Don’t Stop No Show! #PLMoonwalker:).” We can’t even moonwalk WITHOUT a tiny human growing inside of us. Don’t believe us? Look. *immediately stumbles backward into open stairwell*

Anyone else think that Ciara’s kid will moonwalk out of the delivery room? Taking bets now!

+ Watch Ciara moonwalk like a pregnant boss.

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