Ciara Asks If We've Ever Seen A Pregnant Woman Moonwalk, Flawlessly Answers Her Own Question

Watch Ciara do the pregnant moonwalk in this Instagram video!Watch Ciara's feet (and bump) defy the laws of maternity physics as we know them!

We've always imagined that being a pregnant celebrity is like starring in a commercial for fancy cat food: You lay around on fluffy pillows, get food served to you in crystal dishes, and side-eye anyone who doesn't cater to your every whim. Leave it to a very pregnant Ciara to ruin our fantasy -- slash, make it a hundred-million times better.

The "Overdose" singer posted an Instagram video, in which she asks: "Hey, guys, have you ever seen a pregnant woman moonwalk before?" Then, before we can answer ("LOL WUT? NOPE."), CiCi demonstrates what a flawless maternal goddess she really is by going full-on Michael Jackson in front of a floral display.

We've gotta give it up for the future Mrs. Future's clip, which she captioned: "1 Big Belly Don't Stop No Show! #PLMoonwalker:)." We can't even moonwalk WITHOUT a tiny human growing inside of us. Don't believe us? Look. *immediately stumbles backward into open stairwell*

Anyone else think that Ciara's kid will moonwalk out of the delivery room? Taking bets now!

+ Watch Ciara moonwalk like a pregnant boss.

Photo credit: Ciara's Instagram