5 Seconds Of Summer Tease New Song ‘The Only Reason,’ Our Emotions In General

The only reason to listen to 5SOS’ new song is ALL the reasons.

Guh, 5 Seconds Of Summer won’t even give us five seconds to catch our breath. (Not that we’re complaining, duh.) On Sunday, the Australian pop-rock foursome took to Instagram to tease another song off of their debut American EP, She Looks So Perfect, titled “The Only Reason.”

This being Instagram video, of course, all we get is “Don’t talk, let me think it over/ How we gonna fi–” before the clip cuts out. (#Rude) Thankfully, 5SOS’ guitarist, Mikey, stepped in to enlighten us further as to the song’s true meaning.

Wanna draw us into this doodle, Mikey? Thx.

Along with a slightly twisted yet adorable doodle, he explained: “I wrote ’The Only Reason’ in LA with Steve Robson and Busbee last August. It’s a pretty deep/heavy song lyrically; I was in a weird place at the time with my life & relationships… [It’s] about the person who you can’t help but have an attraction towards.”

So, it looks like this won’t be another happy-go-lucky, roll-down-the-windows jam about swapping unders from American Apparel à la “She Looks So Perfect,” but who cares! As with anything 5 Seconds Of Summer-related, we’re so down.

+ Listen to 5 Seconds Of Summer’s “The Only Reason” song teaser.

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