Justin Bieber’s Surprise SXSW Performance Was HUGE Because Everything’s Bigger In Texas

Justin Bieber messed with Texas at SXSW, and they loved it!

We would literally kill to have been at Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden in Austin last night for two reasons: 1.) We love a good chili-cheese dog, and 2.) Justin Bieber surprised the audience there for manager Scooter Braun’s SXSW showcase with an impromptu performance!!!!

SAAAANG it to us, Biebs.

The “Confident” singer serenaded the crowd with “As Long As You Love Me,” followed by a 20-minute freestyle medley (that included “Boyfriend“) with some of Scooter’s other protégés like Cody SimpsonDan + Shay, and MTV Artists To Watch Tori Kelly and Rixton. (BRB, looking for evidence that our abdominal Adonis, Cody Simpson, went shirtless.)

We’re surprised the entire state of Texas didn’t just explode from all the spontaneous hotness talent in one place. Then again, y’all are probably used to the heat down there.

Literally our face right now.

Wait, WHAT’S THAT, COSMOPOLITAN? The 20-year-old crooner reportedly dedicated his performance to Selena Gomez?? Well, that clears up that whole “elegant princess” photo on Instagram. Guess there ain’t no “ex” in Texas when these two are involved. #JelenaForever

Well, goodbye, Monday. We’re off to watch a bunch of Instagram videos of the Biebs performing, throw a Kraft Single on a Hebrew National, and pretend we were there IRL…

+ Watch Justin Bieber perform “As Long As You Love Me” at SXSW, and check out this clip of Justin’s freestyle “Boyfriend” medley with Tori Kelly, Cody Simpson, Dan + Shay, and Rixton!

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