An Outrageously Adorable Taylor Swift Reminds Us That She Loves America, And That We Love Her

In this paparazzi photo, Taylor Swift is wearing an American flag-inspired top exiting her Los Angeles gym.

Taylor Swift, American royalty

For those of us who've been enduring the CRUELEST WINTER EVER (#PolarVortex) and want summer here, like, yesterday, the 4th of July seems lightyears away. (Actually, it's 118 days, but still.) That eternity of waiting, however, won't stop noted George Washington enthusiast Taylor Swift from serving summertime patriotism in even the earliest days of March.

We'd like to think that the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer rocked a pastel version of Old Glory while leaving her Los Angeles gym because, just like us, she can't wait for warm weather and fireworks and hot dogs and ice cream cones and swimming pools and... WINTER, PLEASE JUST GO AWAY.

Or, maybe Tay-Tay's hinting at a run for office in the midterm elections later this year? Considering how much we love her, why not just scrap that whole democracy thing and just let her reign supreme like the country-pop princess she is?

Ooooh, and we could put Taylor's face on money! On stamps! (STAMPS!) I mean, we already bow down to her on the daily -- let's just make it official, huh?

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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