In Krewella's New 'Enjoy The Ride' Video, Children Find Salvation Through The Magic Of EDM

Watch Krewella's new "Enjoy The Ride" video.

Krewella's music takes a turn for the humanitarian in their new clip.

As die-hard pop fanatics, we've always appreciated how seriously Krewella take their fist-pumping dance jams. (Remember all the tears shed in their "Human" video? Gah! The feels.) The EDM trio's new video for "Enjoy The Ride" continues this trend, telling a story about liberating people with a little help from their friends, untz and untz.

The clip for the Get Wet track cuts between Krewella's Yasmine, Jahan, and Rain Man chilling in a forest, and a young girl confined to a circus sideshow. You see, she's blessed with the ability to dance at superhuman levels, emitting a dull, blurred light as she moves her limbs. (FTR, we can't do that. We just tried.)

Luckily, she is rescued from her cage by a young boy in the audience, who was himself freed from some kind of neck collar only seconds before. There's an interesting idea in there about everyone being confined to some sort of prison even in an unbalanced power dynamic, but it's kinda hard to ponder deep sh** when the dance floor's calling your name.

The two young'uns escape into the woods, soon emerging in a clearing where one of our favorite Breakthrough Bands of 2013 are hosting a total "Fern Gully" rager. The video ends on a bittersweet note, though, one that we don't want to spoil for you (Hint: Google "St. Elsewhere" or Season 9 of "Dallas."), so just enjoy the ride while you can.

+ Watch Krewella's "Enjoy The Ride" video.

Photo credit: Columbia Records