Your Next Uber Driver Could Be Joe Jonas

Watch Joe Jonas drive people around in Uber cars.

Literally get out of our dreams and into our car, Joe Jonas.

Remember when two of the world's luckiest Los Angeles dwellers ordered a ride from car-service app Uber, and then when it arrived, Joe Jonas was the driver and they all went out on a Pinkberry date???? WE WILL NEVER FORGET, especially now that we've learned that the U.I.L.F. could end up being OUR driver!

According to a new video from Uber, the former Jonas Brother could end up chauffeuring you to your doctor's appointment, the grocery store, beat-boxing practice, or wherever. (BRB, ordering a gazillion drivers and waiting for each of them to arrive in a panicked state of anticipation that it will be Joe. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!)

WE KNOW. The odds are slim to none that this would ever happen to us. (Plus, Joe lives in L.A., so if you live anywhere else, your odds might have just gotten kerplunked.) And OBVS, the video could just be a marketing campaign for Uber and MINI Cooper, but...

JOE JONAS IS BEHIND THE WHEEL IN A TIGHT, WHITE T-SHIRT. To quote Rihanna, shut up and drive.

+ Check out Joe Jonas' Uber clip, and watch Rihanna's "Shut Up And Drive" video.

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