Dive Headfirst Into A Pool Of Ambient R&B On How To Dress Well's 'Words I Don't Remember'

Listen to How To Dress Well's new song, "Words I Don't Remember."

Hopefully, "Words I Don't Remember" means more new H2DW on the horizon.

When we first saw How To Dress Well last year (on tour with Sky Ferreira), we had to double-check to make sure that we hadn't accidentally wandered into a cathedral in the middle of Mass. It was so quiet in the club that you could hear a pin drop.

The audience was enraptured for good reason, as Tom Krell's powerful, electronic-R&B performance was the definition of transcendent, with the singer eschewing the microphone at times, approaching the front of the stage, and singing a cappella. That mesmerizing effect is evident on his new song, "Words I Don't Remember."

This track, a harbinger of an as-yet-unannounced new album one hopes, finds Krell returning to the expansive, languorous, ambient love songs that made his 2012 album, Total Loss, such a critical success.

Scantly more than some finger-snap and hand-clap percussion, some warbling synth backing, and Krell's multi-tracked, harmonized vocals looping in on itself (think Active Child), "Words I Don't Remember" is a testament of love for people who don't mind getting mired in the thick of it every now and again.

"This song for me is about love, trust, commitment… and what happens to these things and, like, what happens to really real love when sentimentality is so co-opted and ruined," Krell explained in a statement. "What remains of true love in this world of simulations?"

At the risk of co-opting and ruining H2DW's new song with sentimentality, we're off to hole up somewhere until we've committed every word to memory. Later.

+ Listen to How To Dress Well's "Words I Don't Remember."