Selena Gomez Is Hypnotizing Us With Her Smize

Selena Gomez is hypnotizing us with her smize in this Instagram selfie.

Getting lost in Selena Gomez's eyes is the new meditating. You heard it here first.

Look deep into Selena Gomez's eyes. You're getting sleepy. Your eyelids are getting heavy. On the count of three, we will snap our fingers, and you will do whatever we say.

Did we hypnotize you using only this photo of the "Slow Down" singer's chocolate-colored eyes? No? Then why do you suddenly have the urge to buy us pizza with a side of endless breadsticks, eh? Eh?! (But really, can you plz buy the pizza? Thx.)

All mind-control trickery aside, you have to admit that Sel's look is pretty spellbinding. Perhaps, she's throwing some smize-y shade at a certain ex (cough, Justin Bieber, cough) who posted photos of her at an Oscar party on his Instagram feed. The look does kind of have a "WTF LOL" vibe to it -- in a glamorous way, of course.

Whatever the reason for the mesmerizing picture, it's totally working all kinds of magic on us. It's like Selena's perfect pupils are peering into our souls and feng shui-ing our insides. Not to start anything, but we might even say that she's out-smized the creator of the smize herself, Ms. Tyra Banks.

Kidding, Tyra! Just kidding! We said "might"! "MIGHT"!!!! D:

Photo credit: Selena Gomez's Instagram / GIF: Madonna Nation