Nicki Minaj's Shower Photos Are Equal Parts 'Lookin' Ass' And 'Lookin' YAAAS'

See Nicki Minaj's nude shower photos from Instagram.Aaaaand, now we know what it would be like to shower with Nicki Minaj. #CrossesOffList

We were already SUPER into Nicki Minaj's new natural look, but the "Lookin' Ass" rapper's nude Instagram pics from inside the shower really take it to the next level, huh? Anyone else need a cold shower of their own?!

Maybe Nicki needed to park it near some restorative water after spending so much time on that desert set? Whatever her reason for showing off her flawless, makeup-free self, these "Shower Buddy POV" pics are the Skinemax throwback gift that keeps on giving.

See Nicki Minaj's nude shower photos from Instagram.Nicki says: Always throw up deuces when exiting your shower.

We're also not sure how the total #smokeshow isn't being extinguished by all that water, but whatever -- that's for the scientific community to figure out.

Meantime, we'll be sitting tight, waiting for the next round of bath-time photos, because they certainly WET our appetite for more pics of Her Royal Minajesty. (Aaaaand, that's it for shower puns... until next time.)

Photo credit: Nicki Minaj's Instagram

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