Ummm, How Lucky Is The Eiffel Tower To Pose With Rihanna — AGAIN?

We’ve never been more jealous of an international landmark in all our lives.

We know that inanimate objects don’t have feelings, but can we pretend for a sec that the Eiffel Tower fully understands that it has posed for a photo with Rihanna not once, BUT TWICE in the past 12 months?

Don’t worry, it’s completely healthy to be jealous of Paris’ world-famous tower. Not only does it get exist year-round in the City of Lights, but now it has new Rih photos to pin to its BFF Pinterest board. That’s the life! Or, as iconic countesses the French say:

From seductive hot-tub sessions to elevator pose-offs, the “Can’t Remember To Forget You” singer continues to remind us that she’s totally dominating her 26th year of life. And now, glancing over her shoulder like a Paris Fashion Week supermodel while taking photos in front of the iconic Tour Eiffel? Oui oui, Rih!

I mean, did you think Rihanna was gonna pose by tossing a beret in the air while snuggly nestling a baguette under one arm and holding a mini-French flag souvenir like une touriste?


Photo credit: Splash News / GIF: zealappeal