Ummm, How Lucky Is The Eiffel Tower To Pose With Rihanna -- AGAIN?

Rihanna posed with the Eiffel Tower in this Paris photo.

We've never been more jealous of an international landmark in all our lives.

We know that inanimate objects don't have feelings, but can we pretend for a sec that the Eiffel Tower fully understands that it has posed for a photo with Rihanna not once, BUT TWICE in the past 12 months?

Don't worry, it's completely healthy to be jealous of Paris' world-famous tower. Not only does it get exist year-round in the City of Lights, but now it has new Rih photos to pin to its BFF Pinterest board. That's the life! Or, as iconic countesses the French say:

Rihanna posed with the Eiffel Tower in this Paris photo.

From seductive hot-tub sessions to elevator pose-offs, the "Can't Remember To Forget You" singer continues to remind us that she's totally dominating her 26th year of life. And now, glancing over her shoulder like a Paris Fashion Week supermodel while taking photos in front of the iconic Tour Eiffel? Oui oui, Rih!

I mean, did you think Rihanna was gonna pose by tossing a beret in the air while snuggly nestling a baguette under one arm and holding a mini-French flag souvenir like une touriste?


Photo credit: Splash News / GIF: zealappeal