At The Risk Of Fangirling At Fatal Levels, Watch Three Adam Lambert Videos From Last Night's 'Glee'

Adam Lambert/Glee

Adam lent his pipes to three (!) songs on last night's "Glee."

#ProTip, Glamberts: To clean lip smudges off of your TV screens, DON'T use a soft, damp cloth. (It spreads.) C'mon, we can't be the only ones who furiously tried to make out with Adam Lambert's perfect face when he popped up on last night's "Glee." #TMI #SorryNotSorry

We'll also (PROUDLY) admit to hyperventilating over the fact that this week's episode brought us THREE breathtaking performances. Remember the perfection that was Adam's take on "Marry The Night"? (BRB, shortness of breath.)

BTW, we meant "breathtaking" literally. We gasped at Adam's "Barracuda" duet with Lea Michele, but there was no time to exhale before he and the "Cannonball" singer hooked up with Naya Rivera on "Gloria." By the time he joined Demi Lovato and the rest of the cast on "Hold On," we needed a serious a hit off of our Glam-haler.

Unfortunately, we don't remember what happened in the rest of the episode, because we passed out in between performance segments due to a lack of oxygen. Don't worry, we're doing OK. If only we could say the same about our TV screen, though...

+ Watch Adam Lambert perform "Barracuda," "Gloria," and "Hold On" on "Glee."

Photo credit: Fox