What's Miranda Cosgrove Up To? Oh, You Know, Swimming With Dolphins

See Miranda Cosgrove go swimming with dolphins in these photos.Nope, Miranda's not on spring break -- she's swimming with dolphins for a good cause!

Narrowing down your top Seamless picks on this painfully cold day? Oh, that's cool, because here's Miranda Cosgrove SWIMMING WITH DOLPHINS. IN THE BAHAMAS. #Jealz

Sidenote: Can you believe it's been OVER A YEAR since "iCarly" ended? Honestly, we'd been a teensy bit worried about the "Kissin U" singer, because the last time we saw her in January 2013 -- right after she said goodbye to the show -- she looked a little SADZ. These stunning, joyful photos, however, have put all of our concerns to rest.

(To be fair, it was winter, and ain't nobody got time for that. Coincidentally, that was probably right around the last time we ever said "Ain't nobody got time for that.")

See Miranda Cosgrove go swimming with dolphins in these photos.GUH. Even in a snorkel mask Miranda looks cute.

FYI, the actress/singer/oceanic mammal-whisperer wasn't just hanging with dolphins 'cause it's fun. Miranda was filming a PSA for Oceana, calling on people to protect marine life from the threat of "seismic airgun blasts" in the Atlantic Ocean.

Um, Miranda can totally explain what "seismic airgun blasts" are and why they're so important better than we can, so we'll just let her do the honors in her PSA below. In the meantime, get inspired by these GOR-JISS underwater photos.

See Miranda Cosgrove go swimming with dolphins in these photos.This dolphin is totally chill-er than we'd be if we were swimming next to Miranda.

+ Watch Miranda Cosgrove's Oceana PSA.

Photo credit: Oceana/Tim Calver

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