Hayley Williams And Chad Gilbert Prove That Eternal Love Is Real, And We're Getting A Little Emotional

New Found Glory Instagrammed girlfriend Hayley Williams of Paramore in the recording studio. The couple that slays together, stays together. Isn't that right, Hayley and Chad?

Usually when couples pull some PDA on the internet or IRL, we want to ralph hearts and daisies (#NotBitter), but never when it's Hayley Williams and her longtime boyfriend, Chad Gilbert. These two are, like, the Dramamine of couples: They're so undeniably cute that their public displays of affection do the opposite of making us want to barf! We're actually soothed.

The Paramore frontwoman was snapped by her boyfriend in the recording studio on Instagram, which the New Found Glory guitarist captioned: "Just finished tracking some back ups with @yelyahwilliams! She's making these song even sweeter! #thatnewsoundyourelookinfor#whatseatinggilbert"

They've been together for what, like, 38 years in rock-star time? (Actual time: six years -- and counting.) Look at the way he lovingly photographs her. See how she's pouring her heart and soul out on his track. YAAASSSSS, LOVE IS REAL AND LASTS FOREVER. THE END.

Ugh, excuse us. We've gotta go gut-renovate our OKCupid profile watch Paramore perform "Still Into You" over and over. #ChayleyForever

+ Watch Paramore's "Still Into You (Live From MTV)" video.

Photo credit: Chad Gilbert's Instagram