Watch SoMo's Seductive 'Buzzworthy Live' Acoustic Performance Of 'Ride'

somo buzzworthy live

Don't know SoMo? Time to get familiar. Real familiar.

Does your bae do thoughtful, romantic things like, finally mute the TV after you've told him for, like, for a third time that you have something important to tell him? Or save you the second-to-last bite of the dinner you made for him? That's cute. But your boyfriend's obviously not SoMo, or his scintillatingly seductive song "Ride" would be about you, and you'd be nonchalantly forwarding this "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance to all of your friends with a casual subject line like "My boyfriend did an acoustic for MTV Buzzworthy, and it's pretty cute," when you really meant "YOU GUYS. MY DUDE IS SHUTTING. IT. DOWN. I AM THE LUCKIEST GIRL ON EARTH, NO YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM, BYE GIRL."

somo buzzworthy ride acoustic

If you already know SoMo, you're probably frantically hitting play on his video (and for that I thank you.) But if you don't know who SoMo is (SoMo's not a trendy Manhattan real estate marketing term. It's short for Joseph Somers-Morales, but I prefer BoMa, for Boyfriend Material) allow me: He's a 26-year-old Texas-born singer-songwriter who spent the past five years quietly blowing up YouTube with pop covers stripped down to their soul, reworking hits by Chris Brown, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, and even Lana Del Rey and Miley Cyrus, turning youthful pop anthems into mature bedroom jams, smoothing out sharp rap edges with his mellifluous and highly contagious vocals. Think D'Angelo meets Drake (minus the drama -- a Drake who's more interested in pleasing you than talking about... Drake, you know?) meets Usher, right down to the abs. (Need even more swoon fodder? SoMo used to work in a veterinary clinic and has two dogs -- Jack and Jill.)

Shortly after putting out a medley of October's Very Own's entire Take Care album, SoMo quit his job at L.A. Fitness (again, his abdominal game...) to focus full-time on music, dropped his My Life mixtape featuring "Ride," racked up legions of fans, millions of streams (literally over 10 million of them to the "Ride" video since January), sold-out show dates, and now he's set to drop his full-length debut album on April 8.

Wait, but who did SoMo write "Ride" about? (Okay, I'll admit that it wasn't about me. I was fantasizing and projecting, because welcome to my life.) "The song came from a real place of love," SoMo explained. "It's about the emotional transcendence of being in love."


"That girl was a part of my life. In a way that allows me to express deep feelings in the form of song. She knows the song's about her," SoMo confessed.

And do they still talk?

"Yeah. It's... complicated."

There it is: SoMo's Facebook status: "It's complicated."

SoMo isn't in a relationship "at the moment," but take a look at his acoustic "Ride" video, and see why he won't be staying single long.

+ Watch SoMo's "Buzzworthy Live acoustic performance of "Ride":

somo buzzworthy live 2

Photo credit: Colin Grey/ MTV