To Be One Pop And Lock Their Cardigan'd Selves In The NKOTB-Sampling 'Please Don't Go Girl' Video

To Be One don't want you to go, ladies.To Be One lure the ladies with sweaters, sick moves, and NKOTB-throwback steez.

We're not sure if the guys in To Be One were even born yet when New Kids On The Block were slaying girls' hearts and boom boxes (Google it, #sigh) in the late-'80s/early-'90s, but they certainly draw inspiration from Danny, Donnie, Jordan, Jon, and Joey in their new video for "Please Don't Go Girl."

(Before we go forward, you've got to promise you won't spiral into a New Kids playlist vortex. OK? Then, let's continue.)

Though these Millennial Jersey boys sample the NKOTB classic of the same name, To Be One add their own unique spin on the boy-band game thanks to some impressive popping and locking, geek-chic cardigans and bowties, and faces so adorable you'll have to refrain from pinching your screen.

FYI, Madison, Mikey and Jason got their start on the 2011 season of America's Best Dance Crew as ICONic Boyz (hence those crazy street-inspired moves), so this is really just the beginning of their careers. Sure, they're young now, but give 'em a few years and they’ll be a trio of Austin Mahones -- or even *fans self* Joey McIntyres.

+ Watch To Be One's "Please Don't Go Girl" video.

Photo credit: Nick Suarez