Flawless Angel Ariana Grande Was Carried From A Shoot 'Cause Her Wings Were Probably Tired

Ariana Grande was carried from a recent video shoot.Did we mention that Ariana Grande's feet should never deign to touch the ground?

Ariana Grande is pooped, y'all. She's been busy in the dance studio with Chris Brown for a secret duet, not to mention, um, expending a lot of energy as the reigning queen of selfies. (It takes a lot of effort to look that cute 24/7.)

The "Right There" singer was so tie-tie after a recent video shoot that she had to be carried off the set, explaining in her Instagram photo caption: "long shoot day yesterday, couldn't walk or keep my eyes open by the time we finished. gonna be a beautiful video!"

Lest you j'accuse Ari of behaving like a total diva, we should remind you that she's a #blessed little angel whose feet shouldn't deign to touch this mortal, fetid terrain we call Earth.

Now, pardon us as we offer up the following to the Ariana shrine in our bedroom: a pair of Uggs, a Harajuku wig, and a litter of adorable puppies. (JK, we'll just use our old Beanie Babies.)

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram