So… Justin Bieber Instagrammed Photos Of ‘Elegant Princess’ Selena Gomez. LET’S DISCUSS!

Justin must’ve had a reason for Instagramming this Selena picture, but what?!

Doesn’t Selena Gomez look so glamorous in this photo from Vanity Fair’s Oscar party? Welp, guess that’s all there is to say about the picture… Except that OH YEAH, it was posted on Instagram by her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber!!!! #DUN #DUN #DUNNNN

Lest you think the act of Instagramming was some kind of Millennial-style Freudian slip, Justin’s caption makes it clear that his public Sel-worship was intentional: “Most elegant princess in the world.” Like, true and all — Selena is quite elegant Sel-egant. But, what is the “Confident” singer REALLY trying to tell us?

Could it be that Justin and Selena are reuniting? #JELENAFOREVER

No, wait! What if Selena’s secretly engaged to Prince Harry, and JB’s the first person she’s revealed her impending princess status to?

Scratch that. Maybe Justin’s got a “Word Of The Day” app, and today’s word is “elegant”?

Guh, what if the Biebs is just trolling us?!?!

BRB, weeping uncontrollably as we refresh Justin’s Instagram feed every five seconds.

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Photo credit: Justin Bieber’s Instagram / GIFs: allzeegifs on Tumblr, Crushable, Gifirific, Giphy