An Important Birthday Announcement Video From Justin Bieber

Watch this video for a special 20th birthday announcement from Justin Bieber.Oh my God, it's really Justin Bieber!

Attention, Beliebers! Put down your commemorative Justin Bieber paper dolls, and listen up! Despite the fact that today is his 20th birthday, Justin Bieber has somehow managed to squeeze in some time to record a very special video message for all of his devoted fans.

Could the "Hold Tight" singer be revealing the whereabouts of his beloved pet monkey? Dropping a surprise new album all Beyoncé-style? Announcing plans to launch a chain of family-style pizzerias with Lil Za called "Papa Biebs"? WHAT, JUSTIN. WHAT SECRETS DO YOU HOLD.

OK, the video may or may not actually be an animated clip by Kieran O'Hare, the creator of MTV Other's "Baby." OR, IS IT REAL?!?! It's not. OR, IS IT?!?! Watch to find out.

+ Watch MTV's "Happy 20th Birthday, Justin Bieber" video.

Credit: Kieran O'Hare