Watch Ke$ha's Neon-Bearded, Twerking Lumberjack Birthday Wishes Come True!

Happy 27th birthday, Ke$ha! Watch this video to see if your bearded, twerking lumberjack dreasm come true.OH MY GOD, CAN WE PLZ COME TO THIS PARTY, KE$HA?!?!

When we realized that Ke$ha's 27th birthday was coming up, we knew we had to totally slay the gift-giving game. Given that she's getting herself right in rehab right now (we LOVE and support you, girl!), we wanted to get it right. Hmmmm, but, what to get?

At first we thought a trial membership with the Illuminati's SoCal chapter might be nice, but then we realized that she's probs already paying her dues. (Thanks, the weird part of YouTube!) Then, we considered a subscription to Better Beards & 'Staches magazine, only to remember that such a publication does not exist. #WHYNOT

Then suddenly, it hit us! What more could the "Timber" singer possibly want than to party in a trippy, alternate dimension populated by twerking, makeout-ready lumberjacks? We're pretty sure this video animated by Leah Shore (who also did the animation for K-Dollar's "Your Love Is My Drug," FYI) nails it.

+ Watch MTV's "Happy Birthday, Ke$ha!" video.

Credit: Leah Shore