Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber! Here's Everything You Could Possibly Need For Your Rager

Happy 20th birthday, Justin Bieber! Here, we made you this paper doll of you with all your b'day party essentials.The commemorative Justin Bieber Paper Doll: Deluxe 20th Birthday Edition.

Happy 20th birthday, Justin Bieber! We know you’re in for a weekend of EPIC partying, so we thought we'd help you narrow down the essentials for your big throwdown with a custom-made paper doll.

Let's see, we've got:

 * Eggs for omelets at the after-after-after party at 7 a.m. (Hopefully, there won't be any, um, egg raids on your big day.)

 * A gas mask to hide those under-eye bags after a night spent celebrating.

 * A packet of Kool-Aid, because you’ve still got another year to go until you can finally drink legally. (#Sigh, grown-ups have all the fun.)

 * Your monkey, because we still feel bad about that.

 * A #swag pack in case you have extra swag that you need to stash somewhere.

 * A diary, because we know how much you like to journal your #feelings

 * A necklace that says "Yeah girl," because we know milestone events like birthdays can tempt you to drunk-text an ex... Or someone.

And, so much more! (Beliebers, feel free to print out our 2-D rendition of the "Confident" singer for your own festivities. Obviously. Goes without saying.) Swaggy b'day, Biebs!

Photo credit: MTV