Lady Gaga Makes A Striking, Pantsless Exit Out Of A Hollywood Studio

Lady Gaga, in a totally normal work outfit.

Some career gals like to wear sweatpants their favorite Ann Taylor separates to the office. When heading to work, however, Lady Gaga opts for… fishnets.

After filming a P.S.A., the “Do What U Want” singer was spotted leaving a Hollywood studio wearing nothing but a Versace shirt (or “Vur-sayce” if your name’s Nomi and ya werque the Strip), some Spice Girls-throwback platform sneakers, and that long white wig she wore when she threw a one-woman wedding for herself last week.

You know, just what you wear to talk about “House Of Cards” around the water cooler.

Her lack of pants drives us crazy… like long white hair.

Look, we always support pushing the envelope when it comes to work attire — we did coin the phrase “Business Rihanna” as a new category of corporate casual — so all we can say is: YAAAS, GAGA. YAAAS. YOU BETTA WERQUE WORK.

Photo credit: Splash News