Harry Styles’ Shirtless Dancing, Katy Perry’s Hells-No Face + More Make One Direction’s New Video The Best

After challenging their Twitter followers to unleash an onslaught of intentionally bad dancing videos, One Direction rewarded their fans THE WORLD by unlocking a new “1D Vault” video! Being the devoted Directioners that we are, we decided to GIF the crap out of it because obviously.

This new clip, promoting a forthcoming “Midnight Memories single bundle” release, is basically a mash-up of the “Best Song Ever” singers’ greatest moments in 2013, and it’s, like, seriously the cutest thing ever. From making our collective hearts go all fluttery on the “Take Me Home Tour” to filming “Midnight Memories,” IT’S ALL IN HERE.

That’s not even mentioning Louis’ attempts at choreography, Zayn’s muggin’ for the camera, Liam’s serious-face dancing, Harry’s shirtless antics, and Niall’s moment of hand-clapping bliss. Oh, and Katy Perry and John Mayer (R.I.P.) even show up to give us some epic hells-no face that’ll stop you dead in your tracks. Enjoy.

Woooooo, lads! Let’s hear it for the awesome year you had!

You definitely had a good time in 2013.

It was crazy…

…but there were also some serious times, too.

Even some dramz.

But, you got through it all together…

…And for that you deserve a round of applause.

NEVER STOP DANCING, LIAM. Can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store.

+ Watch One Direction’s “1D Vault 2: 2013 Memories” video.


Photo credit: Simco Limited / GIFs: MTV