Demi Lovato's Selfie With Bill Clinton Should Be On A Stamp Because America, F*** Yeah!

Demi Lovato took a selfie with former president Bill ClintonNo disrespect, Mr. President, but where are your hands?

William Jefferson Clinton is having a moment with the pop princesses, y'all. First, Miley Cyrus honored her country with a little help from a guy in a Bill Clinton mask on her "Bangerz Tour," and now the actual, IRL 42nd president of the United States is posing for selfies with Demi Lovato!

The "Neon Lights" singer shared the presidential photo on Instagram, captioning: "Too excited to filter this... NO BIG DEAL -#Selfieswiththeprez.... Bill Clinton - so nice to meet you!!!!"

Look, we know how easy it is to make jokes -- and we have too much respect for the executive branch of the American government to resort to '90s "SNL" references -- but we're more disturbed by the number of comments asking who the old dude is next to Demi.

PPL, THIS IS BILL RODHAM CLINTON -- aka Hillary's trophy husband, Bono's best friend, and MOST DEFINITELY NOT Demi's grandpa.

So, excuse us as we blast "Made In The U.S.A." and draft a petition demanding that the U.S. Postal Service commemorate this holy union of two American icons with a limited-edition stamp. Who's signing?!

Photo credit: Demi Lovato's Instagram