Girls' Generation's 'Mr.Mr.' Video: A Little Heart Surgery On The Dance Floor

Watch Girls' Generation's new video for "Mr.Mr."Hey, Mr.? Girls' Generation have something for you.

Is your man not living up to his fullest potential? Don't throw him to the curb just yet, at least not until you've exhausted all surgical possibilities. That's the major takeaway from Girls' Generation's comeback video for "Mr.Mr.," the title track off their just-released EP. It... Oops, we had our critical thinking skills set to "LITERAL." Let's try that again.

OK, so upon closer inspection, it turns out that the K-Pop girl group's new clip is actually a sort of cheer for all the Mr.'s out there. According to the YouTube description, the ladies are saying: "Be more aggressive, Mr., you are the one who [makes] my heart [beat]."

That's way cuter than our original interpretation of the gem-encrusted heart that gets implanted into the video's male lead. It also explains why the clip ends with a modernized ballroom dance sequence and not, you know, something more akin to "The Stepford Husbands."

The track itself is on the mellower side of the GG catalog (think more "The Boys," less "Gee"), but don't worry -- "Mr.Mr." is still very danceable, combining a slight '70s-throwback vibe with a "Get Me Bodied" "Hey!" sample thrown in for good measure. Wait, "Get Me Bodied?" Heart surgery? It's all connected...

+ Watch Girls' Generation's "Mr.Mr." video.

Photo credit: S.M. Entertainment