Even Rihanna's Elevator Game Is Flawless

Even Rihanna's elevator game is flawless.No claustrophobia here.

You know how you ride the elevator all awkward-like, keeping your hands to your sides, staring blankly as you try not to make eye contact with strangers outside your personal-space bubble? Well, guess what Rihanna's Instagram has proven yet again. Give up? YOU'RE DOING LIFE WRONG.

That's right, not only does she nap, soak, jump, and paddleboard better than the av-er-age peasant, she also rides elevators flawlessly with a pose that you should never EVER attempt because it only works on people whose names start with "R" and end with "-ihanna."

We're guessing the "Can't Remember To Forget You" singer shared this photo to flaunt her new lewk, captioning: "A/W 2014 collection! Quilted coat and mini skirt!!!! #GagOrder." Did somebody order some gags? We got you covered, Rihanna.

But whatever, #fashun, we're more intrigued by the idea of actually getting the chance to share a ride with Princess Rih. Could you even imagine waiting FOREVER for the elevator, and then -- DING! -- the door opens and Rihanna's just casually posing there?!

Ummm, we know exactly what we would do...


Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram | GIF: Giphy