Ariana Grande Might Have Just Upped Her Selfie Game Yet Again

Check out Ariana Grande's latest flawless Instagram selfie.What can we do to get Ariana Grande's skin, hair, face, and SOUL?

When we found out that Ariana Grande is a proud vegan last month, our reaction went like this: "Oh, that's nice, but THEY FORGOT TO PUT THE BACON ON OUR DOUBLE-BACON CHEESEBURGER!!!! WHY, GOD? WHYYYY?!?!"

But now, after seeing the "Right There" singer's latest stunning selfie on Instagram, we're kinda considering dropping meat and cheese altogether, as long as it would help us look like Ariana.

I mean, just look at her glowing skin! And that luxurious hair, is it actually radiating pure light and beauty? Either way, Ari's clearly the eternally reigning queen of the flawless selfie game.

#Protip, Ariana? BOTTLE AND SELL THAT ISH, whatever it is. We'd buy your "Essence of Ariana" just like we buy our bacon: in "mom shopping at Costco on a Saturday"-levels of bulk.


Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram | GIF: