Blue Ivy's ***Flawless Vacay Photos With Mama Beyonce Make Us Weep With Envy

Beyonce, Blue Ivy, and Jay Z went on vacation to Jamaica. See the photos.Pretty sure Blue Ivy's luxury > Prince George's.

Is it pathetic to be jealous of a toddler? Don't answer that until after you've looked at Beyoncé's jealousy-inducing vacation photos, especially the ones of Her Royal Hov-ness, Blue Ivy. (Named so for papa Hov, Jay Z, obvs.)

The "Partition" singer has continued making our polar vortex-addled souls weep, sharing ALL THE SQUEE-worthy pics of Blue kicking it in Jamaica on Tumblr.

Are we shocked that Blue's necklace probably cost more than our first car? Are we surprised that she gets to bask in paradise as we begrudgingly like our friend's 900 sequential photos of the virgin piña colada she drank at the Sarasota airport sitting next to a space heater? No, not at all. #BitterHurts

Beyonce, Blue Ivy, and Jay Z went on vacation to Jamaica. See the photos.While Beyoncé enjoyed Jamaica, we sat frozen in the cold, dark polar vortex.

But, the fact that Bey's magnificent DNA/bank account have been passed down to Blue Ivy isn't the real story here. Based on this photo, we're starting to wonder whether Beyoncé may or may not actually be a seaside goddess in mortal garb. I mean, how do you not get ONE grain of sand in your hair, Bey?! Tell us your secrets of the deep.

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Tumblr