'Drake, Coco Chanel's Apartment, A Plate Of Macarons, And 0 Kids' Is Our Dream M.A.S.H. Outcome

f45392969f4111e3a1dd0ea048c19236_8We're going to marry Drake, live in legendary digs, and eat macarons. YOU'LL SEE.

We used to play M.A.S.H. literally our entire non-scholastic waking life when we were young. You know, that old-school fortune game that LEGIT predicts who you'll marry, the style of home you'll occupy, what car you'll drive, and the number of kids you'll have because #science.

If we were to play now, our ideal M.A.S.H. outcome would basically be EVERYTHING in Drake's new Instagram photo taken while on tour in Paris, which he captioned: "@madamecoco Coco Chanel Apartment." (Sorry, #TBT dream husband Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys, you've been replaced.)

Is Drake our one-day Valentine who will talk about his feelings? We're waiting on the rock, Driz! Is our dream home Coco Chanel's Paris apartment? Um, yeah, we could do worse. Would we take a plate of delicious macarons over a sick set of wheels? Our thighs say: "Oui."

But, will there be any kids running around the apartment, knocking over all those expensive tchotchkes and ruining our alone time with the 2014 mtvU Woodie nominee? Eh, we'll see. Champagne Papi needs to top off our bubb and put a ring on it first.

Photo credit: Drake's Instagram