BRB, Giving Lea Michele's Revealing V Magazine Spread The #PRAISE It Deserves

Check out this photo from Lea Michele's sexy V magazine spread shot by Terry Richardson.Alleged demi-goddess Lea Michele is bringing the mythological hotness in V.

As if V magazine's March Music Issue covers featuring Lorde and HAIM weren't jaw-dropping enough, the mag also features a spread with Lea Michele that approaches deity levels of babeliness. Like, is that Venus on a crushed-velvet half-shell? NAY, 'tis just Ms. Lea Michele.

In the accompanying interview conducted by MTV Style's Mary H. K. Choi (hi, Mary!), the "Glee" star delves into everything from her catchy single, "Cannonball," to the impact of her late boyfriend Cory Monteith's death had on the recording process of her forthcoming debut album, Louder (out Mar. 4).

That's all well and good, but, like, we're kind of noticing a guh-LARING omission in the interview questions, namely: "R U A GODDESS OR, LIKE, HALF-MERMAID????" Anyone with EYES can see that there's some kind of mythological energy running through the "On My Way" singer's veins. #body #ody #ody

We, THE PEOPLE, demand the truth! We want answers! Hey, don't look at us like that. We're just churning out far-fetched rumors like we're Laura Ingalls on the prairie and Pa wants more butter asking questions.

Photo credit: Terry Richardson for V