Beyonce’s Sexy, Sultry, Nearly Naked ‘Partition’ Video — In GIFs!

Even though Beyoncé’sPartition” video technically dropped on Dec. 13 (aka Day 01 of the Not So Common Era) along with the rest of the singer’s surprise visual album, the Jake Nava-directed clip has only just appeared on Bey’s YouTube account. Do you need another reason to GIF the sh** out of a Beyoncé video? Neither do we.

In case you’re not familiar (YOU MONSTER), “Partition” sees Bey as a bored, yet royally wealthy, housewife finding ways to spice up a stagnating marriage. Her tools: a wardrobe full of sexy outfits, glittery masks, an at-home LED lighting system set to “CHEETAH,” and a background in pommel-horse burlesque.

Needless to say, Mrs. Carter succeeds in her mission. Roll up the partition, please, and enjoy.

+ Watch Beyonce’s “Partition” video.

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