Gentle Reminder: Lana Del Rey Is Stunning

Lana Del Rey shared the most gorgeous, black and white selfie today on Instagram.Lana? We just wanted you to know that baby, YOU'RE THE BEST.

It feels like FOREVER since we've heard from Lana Del Rey, right? Like, her short film, "Tropico," dropped almost THREE MONTHS AGO. We're tired of feeling like we're f***ing crazy impatient, mostly because we know how Lana feels about impatience.

Anyway, the "Young And Beautiful" singer shared a stuh-HUNNING selfie on Instagram, tagging The Weeknd in the caption. Hey, she probably just wanted remind the world and/or The Weeknd (oooo!) that she's basically one big bowl of flawless. (Yes, LDR, we'll still love you when you're no longer young and beautiful -- like that day will ever come.)

So, until we get our paws on Miz Rey's Ultraviolence, we'll just be sitting here trying to imitate Lana's perfectly smooth hair-flip while singing "I've got that polar vortex, polar vortex sadness" to the tune of "Summertime Sadness." It's all we've got to keep ourselves sane during yet another round of frizz-inducing snow, baby. #Rude

Photo credit: Lana Del Rey's Instagram