Is Macklemore's New Mustache Giving Anyone Else Nigel Thornberry Vibes?

Macklemore's new mustache looks like Nigel Thornberry's.Smashing mustache, Macklemore. Smashing.

We've been thrown into Throwback Thursday a day early, and it's all Macklemore's fault. The "Same Love" rapper showed off his new mustache on Instagram this past Tuesday, and we're getting major Nigel Thornberry from "The Wild Thornberrys" flashbacks -- like, instantaneously.

Macklemore's new mustache looks like Nigel Thornberry's.C'mon! The Nigel Thornberry connection is obvious.

"Traveling man mustache selfie," the Seattle Seahawks Stan captioned. But, ummm... HELLO! Ring a bell?! The dad from Nickelodeon's classic, Y2K-era cartoon was an explorer, and Mack's Instagram feed has basically been National Geographic ever since his Grammy wins.

Maybe it's their reddish hair or their perfectly lined lip-rugs, or perhaps it's Macklemore's "deer in headlights," Nigel-esque "BLARGH" expression that's giving us these nostalgic pangs. Whatever it is, we're gonna go hit up some old cartoons in the middle of the day because that's what grown-ups do. Mmm, yes. Smashing idea, I'd say...

Macklemore's new mustache looks like Nigel Thornberry's.

Photo credit: Mackelmore's Instagram, Kids Four / GIF: Rebloggy

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