See The Vamps Meet Taylor Swift, Marry Beyonce, Get Bad Haircuts, And — Wait, WHAT?!

Aren’t The Vamps so cute? Too bad they’re all taken. (BY US! MUAHAHAHA.)

Remember that time when The Vamps visited MTV and sang a song to a half-eaten pizza and played a round of rapid-fire questions? Well, somehow we managed to squeeze a couple more drops of awesome juice (#ew #sorry) out of our British pop-rock obsessions thanks to a good ol’ game we like to call Photo Charades.

The creative geniuses we are, we threw a whole bunch of wacky scenarios at Bradley, Tristan, Connor, and James so that we could photograph ’em mid-pose! Full disclosure: This may or may not actually be how you play Charades. Fuller disclosure: This may or may not have all been a ruse to take a bunch of photos of the “Wild Heart” singers.

OK, y’all ready? #THIS #IS #CHARADES…


With the sequel coming, do your best “300” impression!

Ooooooooh, and what about some “Zoolander” male model blue steel? EXCELLENT JOB, TRISTAN!

Serious one, now. What if you got the WORST. HAIRCUT. EVER.

Aaaaaaaaand, you just walked in on your parents doing it. EW! GROSS! GO!

Oop, sorry! That was mean. (Tristan, are your parents on the ceiling?) OK, take us back to when you met Taylor Swift on her “Red Tour.”

Aw, we bet you were the best li’l U.K. openers. What if you met Beyoncé?

Very “bride over the threshold.” Speaking of which, do “just married”!

Thanks! It’ll be so easy to cut and paste our faces onto this for our Pinterest bridal board.

+ Watch The Vamps answer MTV News’ rapid-fire questions, and see The Vamps sing a song to a pizza.

Photo credit: Lauren Weissler, MTV

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