London Grammar Explore The Eerie Side Of Romance In Their 'Hey Now' Video

Watch London Grammar's new video for "Hey Now."In case you've been sleeping on London Grammar, fix that.

Although the young trio behind London Grammar might tell us we're over-thinking their name, it still perfectly captures the band's sound. Effortlessly chic, emotionally resonant, stylistically polyglot -- their music amounts to the sort of grammatical framework you'd find in the best that London's music scene has to offer.

OK, we hear it, but we're still standing by our theory.

The band is regularly referred to as trip-hop, and there are definitely some vaguely recognizable echoes of Portishead, the forebears of the genre, particularly in Reid's alternatingly powerful and haunting vocals. Still, there's less of that group's insular paranoia to London Grammar, not to mention a more expansive, sweeping sound overall, which you can hear on their Disclosure collaboration, "Help Me Lose My Mind."

The same can be said about "Hey Now," which the group just gave a suitably mesmerizing visual to last week. In the video, a spectral blonde wig floats through a nocturnal forest, conjuring to life all manner of sparkling geometric shapes, vectors, and patterns before meeting its counterpart. In the end, they consume one another in a flurry of sparks.

Sounds and looks like love at work, no matter what language you're speaking.

+ Watch London Grammar's "Hey Now" video.

Photo credit: Columbia