Girls' Generation, RuPaul, Bright Light Bright Light + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week!"

This week's roundup features a heartbreaking synth-pop duet, a heartwarming dance-floor collaboration, and an adrenaline rush courtesy of the most famous drag queen in the world. Sashay, shantay!

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1.) Girls' Generation, "Soul"

The K-Pop crew known only as Girls' Generation may have put out their Japanese album Love & Peace in December, but that hasn't slowed them down. The girls have returned to re-conquer their homeland with a mini-album called Mr.Mr. -- their first since 2013's I Got A Boy.

One highlight from their new 6-track set is "Soul," a Korean cover of their first Chinese-language song. The snappy, genre-blurring anthem is perfect for the ladies to turn out some killer choreography.


2.) RuPaul, "Adrenaline" featuring Myah Marie

Ladies and ladyboys, RuPaul is back! Perfectly timed with "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 6 premiere, the most fabulous drag queen has blessed our ears with Born Naked, another serving of sonic bliss.

She's enlisted a slew of familiar faces, including Big Freedia, Frankmusik, and My Crazy Girlfriend diva Myah Marie, who's supplied her Spearitual vocals to some of Britney Spears' smashes. Together, the two provide the perfect touch of fiya with their sizzling club banga. "Can I get, can I get it to go?" Myah urges above the scorching beat. Work!


3.) Bright Light Bright Light, "I Wish We Were Leaving" featuring Elton John

With his sophomore album on the way later this year, synth-minded singer-songwriter Bright Light Bright Light kicked off the campaign with a bang: "I Wish We Were Leaving" is not only a taste of the talented crooner's upcoming LP, but a collaboration with none other than Sir Elton John himself.

Together, the two sing a happy-sad love tale: "One day you'll make somebody so happy, but it won't be," Bright Light mournfully coos above spacey synths. It's not exactly common to hear Elton theatrically belting it out across a lush soundscape of electronica, but it totally works — much in the same way that Liza's collabo with the Pet Shop Boys worked years ago. Can we get a whole House record between these two?


4.) Plastic Plates featuring Sam Sparro, "Stay In Love"

Valentine's Day may have already come and gone, but Plastic Plates have found a way to make that loving feeling last. With a vocal assist by soulful crooner Sam Sparro, the DJ/producer has crafted some truly sweet, sweet disco romance for the dance floor.

"Don't let the winter make you cold/ You know I'll be right there to keep you warm," Sam assures above a dreamy four-to-the-floor pulse. Even with a polar vortex that just won't quit this year (ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE SNOW), this solid production does all the right things to melt your heart.


5.) Max, "Mug Shot"

21-year-old Max -- neé Max Schneider -- has been making plenty of moves in the music world over the past few years, touring with Victoria Justice, co-crafting tracks for the likes of Cody Simpson, and racking up millions of views for his YouTube covers.

Now, he's making a bid for pop superstardom with "Mug Shot," an original track off of his forthcoming LP, Nothing Without Love. The throwback, breezy jam sounds like a cross between Bruno Mars and Gnarls Barkley, complete with wailing vocals (and falsetto galore!), an anthemic chorus ("Hey-ey-ey!"), and a fiery energy that sounds undeniably fresh. Sing it like a chain gang!

+ Listen to MAX'S "MUG SHOT."

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