What Could Justin Bieber's 'Monkey Business' Photo Mean? We Investigate

Check out Justin Bieber's "monkey business" photo with a gorilla statue.Carefully observe this Justin photo with binoculars and a khaki shirt.

Within our dense celebrity landscape lives one of its most popular members. He's perhaps the swaggiest of homo sapiens, yet to many, his actions appear completely mysterious. To the world, he is commonly referred to as: "Justin Bieber."

Alright, so we might be watching a bit too much National Geographic in our spare time. But still, you can totally see how this Instagram photo of the "Confident" singer posing with a primate statue might invite some Anthro 101 documentary inspo, right?

Biebs captioned: "No more monkey business :p." Actually, this looks more like a gorilla, but whatevs because this could mean so many things. #PutsOnMonocle

What is Bieberus Canadae trying to say here, exactly? Is he teasing the media who covered the Atlanta protest hoax? ('Cause that was Grade-A monkey bidness, JB.) Does he simply miss his ol' primate pal, Mally? Could he be saying that he's putting his recent run-ins with the law behind him?

Artists. If only they had more tools to communicate...

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram