5 Seconds Of Summer's 'She Looks So Perfect' Video Gets Real Naked, Real Quick

Watch 5 Seconds Of Summer's new video for "She Looks So Perfect."

5SOS' new clip is definitely not one for the never-nudes.

Just in case 5 Seconds Of Summer's recently announced North American tour didn't already have you quaking in your American Apparel undies, watch the Australian pop-rockers new video for "She Looks So Perfect." Everything seems all cool and under control, until OMFG EVERYONE GETS NAKED.

The clip intersperses shots of Luke, Mikey, Calum, and Ash jamming in an alleyway with scenes of small-town boredom: disinterested kids in class, people eating alone at a diner, dudes in a jail yard, an uninspired grocery store cashier, etc. Luckily they all heed 5SOS' call, strip down to their skivvies, and dance.

Oh, and are we the only ones getting major flashbacks to "Teenage Dirtbag" from this song? Let the record show that we are always here for Wheatus and nudity.

But, like, literally all you wanna know is if you get to see the guys look so perfect standing there in their American Apparel underwear, right? Do they really have your name tattooed in an arrow heart? And if so, WHERE? You'll just have to watch to the end of the video to find out...

+ Watch 5 Seconds Of Summer's "She Looks So Perfect" video.

Photo credit: Capitol Records