Big Gigantic Rage South Of The Border In Their ‘Night Is Young’ Video Featuring Cherub

Down those shots, Big Gigantic! The night’s not getting any younger.

With spring break just around the corner (not to mention that “Spring Breakers” one-year anniversary screening party we’re 75 percent committed to throwing), Big Gigantic have timed the release of their “The Night Is Young” video featuring Cherub perfectly.

Supporting Big Gigantic’s fifth studio album released earlier this month, the clip shows band members Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken teaming up with Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber of Cherub to go hard on the streets of Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Translation: shots (shots shots shots shots shots), goofy dancing, and even some champagne-blackout bubble baths.

Here’s a champagne-blackout bubble bath, for your visual reference.

Don’t think what you see in “The Night Is Young” is just an act for the cameras. As saxophonist/producer Lalli told Rolling Stone: “We took the title track off of our new album … Got a bunch of our friends and flew down to Mexico to party and shoot a music video about letting loose, raging until the sun comes up and making the most of every little moment.”

Speaking of making the most of every little moment, we’re download that free copy of “The Night Is Young” off of the Colorado-based band’s website. BRB, adding it to our “Spring Breakers” party playlist… which may or may not only consist of Britney Spears’Everytime” and Selena Gomez’sBirthday” so far.

+ Watch Big Gigantic’s “The Night Is Young” video featuring Cherub, and download a free mp3 of “The Night Is Young” at

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