Rihanna Obviously Takes The Most Glamorous Naps Ever

Rihanna takes the most glamorous nap ever in this Instagram photo.

Rihanna takes the cutest naps. No contest. 

Wait, you weren't actually expecting to see a photo of Rihanna napping with her mouth open, drooling, snoring, wrapped in your grandma's crocheted afghan while a "Golden Girls" rerun plays in the background, right?

LOLOLOLOL, never. (However, if you'd like to see someone nap that way, feel free to stop by our place every evening around 6 p.m.)

Being the "Can't Remember To Forget You" singer has to take its toll. (Celebrating your 26th birthday with a week of hot tub parties will wear one out). But of course, Rihanna manages to catch a little shut-eye in Aspen without looking a hot mess. #YawnToYourLife

Just look at the way Rihanna's sprawled on a fur-accented couch. (We're gonna ignore what's in her hand because #Colorado #ItsLegal.)  It's like she's posing for the cover of Sweat Dreams or Napping Monthly, two nap-centric magazines that we just made up.

Wait, why don't napping magazines exist? Quick, somebody start one. C'mon, plzzzzzzzzzzzz? #NappingHumor

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram