Rihanna Obviously Takes The Most Glamorous Naps Ever

Rihanna takes the cutest naps. No contest. 

Wait, you weren’t actually expecting to see a photo of Rihanna napping with her mouth open, drooling, snoring, wrapped in your grandma’s crocheted afghan while a “Golden Girls” rerun plays in the background, right?

LOLOLOLOL, never. (However, if you’d like to see someone nap that way, feel free to stop by our place every evening around 6 p.m.)

Being the “Can’t Remember To Forget You” singer has to take its toll. (Celebrating your 26th birthday with a week of hot tub parties will wear one out). But of course, Rihanna manages to catch a little shut-eye in Aspen without looking a hot mess. #YawnToYourLife

Just look at the way Rihanna’s sprawled on a fur-accented couch. (We’re gonna ignore what’s in her hand because #Colorado #ItsLegal.)  It’s like she’s posing for the cover of Sweat Dreams or Napping Monthly, two nap-centric magazines that we just made up.

Wait, why don’t napping magazines exist? Quick, somebody start one. C’mon, plzzzzzzzzzzzz? #NappingHumor

Photo credit: Rihanna’s Instagram

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